Fun Facts: Bibliography and Sources

The sources for many facts found on All Fun and Games, along with some of my comments about them, are listed below. The sources are listed approximately in order of how many facts on this site originated in the work as a whole (i.e. the entire book, website, encyclopaedia, etc.). For facts that used multiple sources, the sources are listed in whatever order makes sense.

Most, but not all, facts used in the site list the source(s) used. If a fact does list a source, you can click on the "(source)" link, which will take you to this page with the source(s) in question highlighted. For some of the facts, I did not record the sources used and now cannot remember them, but most of the facts are not particularly obscure so I suspect a source could be found reasonably easily.

Unlike most "useless facts" type of sites, I list sources used for three reasons:

  1. I feel it's not a bad idea to give credit where credit is due.
  2. I receive a fair number of questions asking where I found certain facts. So, I hope that listing the sources will make it easier for the reader.
  3. While doing research for this collection, I have found that many "fantastic/useless/amazing/interesting facts" books that don't cite sources often contain a lot of "facts" that either aren't true at all, or are incredibly difficult to verify. I hope that citing sources will help to make this collection somewhat more reliable and verifiable. Still, as some of the sources used aren't highly reliable, it's possible that even the facts in this collection that do list a source are not correct. I welcome corrections if you find any; please contact me.

For web sources, I have hyperlinked the sites used so that you can go straight to the source. For books, I have included a link to the book's page on Amazon, where available.