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Facts About the Brain

The brains of Neanderthals were probably slightly larger than those of modern humans. (source)

A five-month-old fetus has 200,000,000,000 brain cells. By birth, half of them, around 100,000,000,000, have been lost. (source)

It isn't true that most people only use 10% of their brain. This myth dates back to around 1900, when psychologist William James wrote that he doubted that average persons reach more than 10% of their intellectual potential. While James never equated intellectual potential to what portion of the brain was engaged, Lowell Thomas implied in 1936 that that was what James said. (source)

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In 1974, Professor Mark Rosensweig, a Californian psychologist and neurophysiologist, stated that a normal human brain has sufficient storage capacity to be able to accept ten new items of information every second for an entire lifetime and still be well under half full. (source)

Some people who have had one half of their brain surgically removed in childhood can function reasonably well in adulthood. (source)

Alcohol does not kill brain cells. (source)

The average human brain contains around 3 million miles of neural connections. (source)

People who have had strokes in the left frontal lobes of their brains resulting in severe language loss are better able to detect lies than people without brain damage. (source)

It has been shown that there is a half-second delay between when one's unconscious mind makes a decision and when one's conscious mind becomes aware of that decision.

Typically, the human brain can only remember four things at a time. (source)

The brain is the only organ that is more active when you sleep than when you are awake. During sleep, your brain processes memories, converts memory into more permanent or enhanced forms, hones skills, and even solves problems. (source)

The lightest known normal adult brain measured just 1½ pounds. It was the brain of Daniel Lyon, an Irishman who died in New York in 1907 at the age of 46. He was just over 5 feet tall and his total weight was 145 pounds. (source)

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